Heart Shaped Pendant – The Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

Published: 21st February 2011
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The most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day are engagement rings. There number of people who become engaged on Valentine’s Day is staggering and reflects this trend. However, other types of jewelry are also popular, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, especially those which are set with gemstones relating to romance such as diamonds, rubies, garnets and pearls. One the most popular and cliché gifts for Valentine’s Day that are still wildly popular and always in style are heart-shaped pendants.

Heart shaped pendants can come all different sizes and metals. The simplest heart-shaped pendants are a solid heart-shaped charm attached to a chain. The charm and the chain are usually the same metal, usually some type of gold or another precious metal like silver, platinum or palladium. These pendants can also be engraved with some kind of poetry or meaningful phrase which expresses your feelings for your beloved.

For those who would like to purchase a fancier heart-shaped pendant, the pendant can be set with gemstones such as rubies or the ever popular diamond, or even multiple stones if you can afford to purchase such a gift. These pendants may be an open heart with room for a diamond to be set in the side or even along the heart itself. Alternatively, the pendant may be a solid and have room for numerous gemstones to be set on it in a pave pattern.

The most popular heat-shaped pendants are the double heart pendants. These pendants feature a large open heart and a smaller heart inside that can move. Like all other pendants, the chain matches it, is made of the same metal as the pendant and is usually a box chain pattern because of its strength. These pendants can be set with numerous gemstones, including rubies and diamonds and even semi-precious stones such as garnets and cubic zirconia.

For those who would like to win a heart-shaped pendant for their beloved this year, Zoara, a popular online jewelry store, is holding a raffle in which they prize is stunning 14 karat gold heart-shaped pendant that has a beautiful round brilliant diamond set in the side of the heart. For more details, view their website or view the contest’s rules on Facebook.

Mandy Steven has been in the jewelry industry for the last 15 years, specializing in engagement rings, settings and different types of diamond jewelry.

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